The First Step Is a Diagnosis

Many parents do not always want to accept the fact and believe that their child is special. Wasting time, the child does not receive proper training, help and care, which in the future leads to even greater problems of adaptation and socialization. We are talking about the importance of timely and correct diagnosis and selection of a program for the whole family. Our program is tailored to meet your child's unique needs, to help him or her develop skills that ensure greater independence and success both now and in the long term. Our therapy effectively improves behavior, social skills, self-regulation, emotional development and overall relationships.

Three simple steps to a happy childhood and a high-quality standard of living. 


Get a free online diagnosis

Diagnostics includes testing of the child and the mental and emotional state of the parents.


Create a personal program

The program includes joint classes with the child and the study of the relationship between parents, parents and the child.


Study at a convenient time in a familiar environment

Online programs and online consultations allow you to study in a familiar environment for a child.


Support for parents

We understand that a "special" child becomes the center of attention in the family and parents stop paying attention to each other. When the family is outside of their home, all family members now attract attention, which leads to secondary autism, when parents do not want to spend time with the child in public places, but at the same time they cannot leave him with a nanny or relatives, invite friends to visit. Our task is not to leave parents alone with problems within the family. To prevent emotional burnout of one or both parents, to prevent attempts of isolation from society and self-flagellation. Do everything so that the atmosphere in the family does not harm the psychoemotional state of the child, which entails the loss of the progress received from therapy.